virtual assistant whiz

Virtual Assistant Whiz’s founder, Jane, had been sitting on her website’s content for a while.

She was keen to redesign her existing platform, and she even had a web designer on standby ready to go – but, like most business owners, she was struggling to find time to focus on her own marketing activities. The site launch depended on the content’s sign-off, but there were simply not enough hours in the day to get it done.

Virtual Assistant Whiz

How we helped

Indy stepped in to speed up the process. During a lengthy initial consultation, we identified the pain points of Jane’s target audience. We then set about creating copy that persuaded potential clients to learn more about the wide range of support services that Jane and her team can provide.

Our team happily liaised with Jane’s chosen designer to ensure the site launch went without a hitch. Jane now has the website – and the copy! – she needs to market her business with confidence.

Example of work

Diary Management

We offer a full diary management service that considers multiple time zones. Tasks will typically include adding calendar reminders, inviting attendees to meetings, finalising venue arrangements, calculating travel times and producing all meeting/travel documentation.