We often get asked what’s involved in creating engaging, fully optimised content for the web. Read on for more information on our SEO-focused services, and an insight into what you can expect when you work with our team of highly experienced SEO copywriters.


Do you need an SEO copywriter?

As SEO copywriters, we have a different skill set to traditional copywriters.

We still produce clear, compelling, conversion-focused copy that meets the needs of your audience. But we also know how to structure and optimise this content so that it ranks higher in search.

You’ll benefit from working with an SEO copywriter if you:

  • Don’t have time to write your website content yourself
  • Don’t know how to research the best keywords to target with your website’s pages
  • Have limited knowledge of writing for SEO
  • Are worried about over-optimising your text
  • Are concerned that your writing won’t adhere to Google’s best practices
  • Want to set the foundations for an ongoing SEO campaign


What you get

At Indy, we package up our SEO copywriting services with a view to providing you with well-researched, well-optimised and immaculately presented copy that’s designed to improve your organic rankings in Google and the other major search engines.

Within the price we quote for any SEO copywriting project, there will always be scope for:

  • An initial meeting, either in person or over the phone
  • Comprehensive market/audience research and keyword targeting analysis
  • Full content creation
  • Uploading the content to your site OR liaising with your designer to get the content in situ
  • Reporting on organic keyword improvement


How it works

Our approach will vary depending on the nature of your project – but usually, we split our SEO copywriting process into 4 stages.


  1. Consultation

How can we confidently write about your organisation if we don’t know anything about it?

The first step is always to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the nature of your company, the products or services you offer, and – crucially – the kind of customer you want your website to attract.

This first consultation is incredibly important for two reasons. Firstly, it gives us a chance to start building a relationship with you; we can get to know you, you can get to know us, and you’ll emerge feeling a lot more at ease with the process.

Secondly, it allows us to really get under the hood of your business. Chatting with you for an hour or two gives us an incredible insight not only into the way you work but the language you use when you’re talking about your proposition. We can pick up on terminologies and phrasing that we can incorporate into your copy (and talking to you about your market helps with our keyword research process, too).


  1. Research

Next, we’ll research your market, come up with audience profiles, and generate a list of the kinds of keywords people are using to find similar companies. We use a range of tools to do this – but we’ll always take your own ideas and observations on board. You’re the expert in your industry, after all!

The research stage also involves taking an in-depth look at your existing website to see if improvements can be made to your pages in terms of structure and targeting If we think improvements could be made, we’ll let you know. We’re not shy in this respect!

If you want us to, we’ll also talk to your web developer and/or your marketing agency to make sure our work fits in with their longer-term aims for your site.


  1. Content Creation

Now the fun begins! Drawing upon all our notes and preparations, we’ll start putting together your page copy. We’ll refine your messaging, we’ll develop a clear journey for your users, and we’ll make sure that every element of your page is developed with your SEO goals in mind, including your meta titles, meta descriptions and headers.

In some cases, we’ll work with the page templates and formats that have been supplied by your designer. In others, we’ll start from scratch and your entire team will use our work to guide the project.

We hope you won’t need to make any changes to our drafts, but for your peace of mind, our packages include scope for up to two rounds of revisions.


  1. Implementation

Once the copy has been signed off, we’ll happily work with your developers or design agency to make sure it’s implemented correctly onsite.

At this point, we’ll often talk to you about your plans for your ongoing content strategy. If you’d like us to, we can help you put together a content plan, then assist with writing blogs, whitepapers and other materials that can support your digital activities.

And because we have excellent connections with other creatives in Essex and London, we can introduce you to talented designers, SEO managers, PPC consultants, social media specialists, photographers and videographers who can add even more value to your marketing campaign.


How much do our SEO copywriting services cost?

We’d hate to pluck a figure out of the air. Every project is priced according to how large and complex it is, and how much involvement our SEO copywriters will need to have in the design and development process. But because everything is quoted for on a bespoke basis, you’ll never overpay for our SEO copywriting service.


What are our payment terms?

We’ll either invoice for the full amount on completion of the first copy drafts, or we’ll charge you 50% upfront and 50% on completion. Again, it depends on how many pages you need, how complex the research process is going to be, and how long the work is expected to take.

Our payment terms are always outlined at the start of every project, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand from day one.


Interested in learning more about our SEO copywriting services? Drop us a message on info[at]indy-consultancy.co.uk!