In the last 18 months, we have worked with hundreds of business owners who were initially struggling to create compelling content for their websites.

Many of these webmasters weren’t confident enough in their writing skills to string together the first drafts. Some of these clients just didn’t have the man-hours to focus on developing and optimising their page copy; their skills were needed elsewhere, and lack of time meant they were constantly pushing their content creation project to the bottom of the pile.

To help out these entrepreneurs in need, we’ve put together a comprehensive Site Write package that delivers on-brand, SEO-friendly copy backed by a clear keyword targeting strategy and designed to fit neatly into your web template.

When you invest in our fixed fee Site Write service, you’ll benefit from:

  • An in-depth consultation with an experienced web content writer, either in person or over the phone
  • A page optimisation strategy, based on your brief and extensive competitor research
  • Full keyword research to determine which search terms you should be targeting with your page content for maximum reach
  • The creation, optimisation and proofing of your required page content
  • Two onsite articles to populate your blog in time for launch
  • Liaising with developers and technical teams to ensure the content is implemented correctly within the new template
  • One point of contact to manage the content project from start to finish

This package is perfect for clients who:

  • Can’t find the time to write their own copy – or simply don’t want to!
  • Need help organising their thoughts and ideas into clear, concise content
  • Want to lay the foundations for a successful search engine optimisation campaign from day one

Learn more about our unique Site Write service here!