We often get asked what’s involved in developing top quality content for the web. Here, we’ve provided you with a brief introduction to the role of a professional digital content developer, and listed a number of reasons why you may want to outsource this vital marketing work to a specialist instead of managing content creation and promotion in-house.

What is a web content developer?

A content developer specialises in researching, writing, uploading and promoting content for use on the web. They are responsible for creating all kinds of copy, from web pages through to blogs, whitepapers, editorials, advertorials, product descriptions – you name it, and they’ll be able to write it!

Not everyone will be formally qualified in their field, but a reputable web content developer will normally have years of experience in creating long and short form copy that has been used for all kinds of purposes, from improving brand engagement to directly driving online sales.

Exceptional digital content developers will also have a strong background in digital marketing and will have sound technical knowledge of WordPress, Joomla and other popular web platforms.

When will you need to hire a content developer?

Of course, it’s entirely possible to create and manage your own web content. You may prefer this option if you want to keep costs down, or you’re adamant that you want to have full control over your brand output.

However, the sheer amount of time involved in content development can quickly eat into the working day. Plus, if you’re not familiar with the latest digital marketing practices, you may struggle to reach the right audience with the copy you’ve created.

Content developers play a crucial part in the creation of a new website, so we would always recommend speaking with a professional before embarking on this lengthy (and sometimes costly) process. You won’t regret having them on board when it comes to planning, auditing and implementing your new site, as they can advise you on the best way to structure your content and make sure everything you produce is search engine friendly.

Remember, too that your web content developer can work in tandem with your existing marketing department or third party agency. It often makes sense to delegate content responsibilities to one individual, so that he or she can monitor content activity across the board and ensure that everything that’s being created is accurate, optimised, and adheres to your brand guidelines.

What to look for in your chosen professional

No two web content developers are the same. They offer all kinds of expertise, with many specialising in particular fields or industries.

Some will focus purely on writing text-based content, many will be able to source or create graphics and images to add extra oomph to what they have produced, while others will support their work with a whole host of marketing and web development skills. Writers with this extra knowledge will normally deliver a better return on investment for you, as they will be able to competently manage the entire development process, and any content marketing campaigns, from start to finish.

If you’re looking into hiring a content developer, you will need to make sure that their services are affordable. Rates vary between professionals – depending on their experience, content developers can charge anything from £40 to £150 per page of copy, so it’s always worth getting a quote before committing to a freelancer or an agency.

An established web content developer should also have plenty of testimonials to hand as proof that they are a reliable marketing partner. Recommendations are as valuable as gold in today’s competitive market, and if their services are endorsed by other companies, you can rest assured that they’re the right person for the job.

If you feel it’s time to explore everything that a web content development agency can offer, contact Indy today. We’ll be happy to explain the extra value our developers can bring to your business, and we’d love the chance to show you what we can do!